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First of all, ET Warrior, you better not have sent peaches! You see, canned peaches contain sugar additives that are VERY bad for soldiers in the heat of Iraq.
It's quite obvious that you only said that because I did. The only I reason I said "peaches" was because it was the first thing that came to my mind. Please don't lie to make yourself look better.

Second, YES! Send a letter to a random soldier! Heck, women VOLUNTEERED (that's a taboo word nowadays in this country, especially with the liberal media twisting every charity around) during the World Wars.
If you're having trouble finding a way to do this (God forbid you actually make an effort), here's a link: Or you can visit your local church and drop a letter. I'm sure they won't mind spending a couple of bucks on stamps to say "thank you".

PenzerTekk -- Bush is a Facist, huh? I suppose that the majority of voters which elected him are as well.
I have a solution: LEAVE THIS COUNTRY.
You say that we were never in any real danger -- tell that to the families and friends of THESE PEOPLE. << This is a list of the victims from the September 11, 2001 attacks. I dare you to say that they died for a good reason and knowing that they would perish.
Finally, if a draft comes my way, I will be proud to serve and defend my country. I am not in the least worried about it. The same can be said for any other real, red-blooded, patriotic American (which are the only people that should be living here).
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