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The State of the Galaxy

(Note: This is for the benefit of any new players who want to know what everyone in this galaxy should know

All this takes place 20-30 years after Return of the Jedi, although no one is really sure. )

The Rise of Cracken

Emperor Palpatine's heir, Cracken Palpatine, reveals himself and units the Imperial Remnant, with a new superweapon - the world-destroying Crimson Star battlemoon - at his disposal. The Republic had become placid, and in only months, the Imperials had taken over much of the galaxy.

The Unexpected Peace

Cracken brings the Crimson Star to Coruscant and for a brief moment holds the New Republic government hostage for power. Then, suprisingly, he turns back, takes the superweapon to the remote reaches of space and destroys it. In the ensuing months, a peace treaty is forged between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic.

No ordinary citizen in the galaxy knows the explanation for Cracken's change of heart, but it is rumored that war hero Deac Starkiller and Agamarian diplomat Taklin Flax had something to do with it.

The Imperial Schism

Unhappy with Cracken's peace treaty, rebellious Imperial commanders split off to form a rival faction. They come to be known as the Imperial Separatists, while those who continue to follow Cracken are known as the Imperial Loyalists. The Separatists and the Loyalists clash in a brief civil war that ends when Cracken razes their hidden capital planet, Ulna Shardes.

The Republic Schism

Alien creatures from ages long past called "vampires" appear on Coruscant. After causing much havoc and slaughtering many beings (including Jedi), they use unknown mystical powers to darken Coruscant's sun for several hours. They are all finally eliminated, but in the chaos corrupt Republic Senators stage a coup.

The Rise of Reletha

Those loyal to the true Republic form a new Rebellion. A brief war ensues, culminating in the destruction of the Senate buildings, with most of the corrupt Senators inside. Unfortunately, this only opens the way for a new Dark Lord - Reletha Darkstar - to take her place at the head of the corrupted New Republic. The remains of the Imperial Separatists rally behind her.

Meanwhile, Cracken has disappeared, and the acting leader of the Imperial Loyalists has been rumored to be captured and imprisoned by the New Republic and the Imperial Separatists.

That brings us here, and I'll make an actual post later

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