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Exclamation Space Sims... Dead? Help!


I guess the era of space simulations, such as X-Wing and Freespace Series', etc. is pretty dead right now.

There are so few players of them, and a lot of the greatest titles are sold out and hard to find.

can anybody tell me where there are some popular ones?

I already have all of the X-Wing Series, there are about 15 people online for multiplayer on X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance (MSN Gaming Zone) and that's the only place to find them. The Freespace Series' service is down... I can't find anywhere to buy freespace 2 either.

yes, i also know there are others out there, such as "wing commander" and "privateer" and such, but those are old... probably not to many people with those either..

as for Freelancer, it's more a RPG, and StarLancer is not very good at all.


are there ANY popular ones out there? ones that i could buy? ones that are popular? new?

someone helpful please help me...
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