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Originally posted by VanLingo
First of all, ET Warrior, you better not have sent peaches! You see, canned peaches contain sugar additives that are VERY bad for soldiers in the heat of Iraq.
Jesus, now I'm a terrible person because I sent peaches? Fine, i'll just pretend I haven't done anything to help them, because I'm obviously a liar, and you're obviously right. I'll probably burn in hell.

I dont particualrly trust you. IMO
And I personally don't care if you trust me. I did what I did, and it would be pointless for me to make it up.

And as for sending a random letter....I'm sure that'd be swell. Dear random soldier, Thanks for fighting in a war I don't believe in, our government sure is a bunch of pricks for making you lay your life on the line for something so pointless. Keep fighting the good fight!

The same can be said for any other real, red-blooded, patriotic American (which are the only people that should be living here).
Yeah, because you are only patriotic if you're willing to KILL OTHER HUMAN BEINGS for a government that doesn't even care about your own life. That makes sense

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