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Bush is a fascist.
A ferkin greedy warmongering fascist and if he gets elected again you better bet that draft will be coming your way, then you try and defend that ass and his sole desire to get in the history books.( Does everyone just forget that he ignored the UN and told them to SHOVE IT. In that aspect he's as bad as saddam for ignoring UN rulings on weapons etc)
He did? What UN rulings did he break? There are no UN Resolutions condeming US action and the US was actually defending the 14 OTHER RESOLUTIONS THE UN FAILED TO BACK UP!

And you seriosuly believe that is why Bush did this, to get into history? Give me a break. I huess that is why Roosavelt sent troops to Europe and the Pacific, or when Truman sent troops to Korea? How about when Wilson sent troops to Europe for no stinking reason in 1917 to save the "democratic" nations of Europe. And there is no need for the draft, casualties have been too low for a draft. A draft would also screw any Republican running for office in 2008, so Bush wouldn't be that stupid.

And once again I would like to add that Bush cannot do anything without the approval of congress. over 75% of congress (Made up of Democrats and Republicans) approved military action and gave Bush the go-ahead. Without that then Bush couldn't do squat. And I assume the leaders of the 30+ countries who volunteered to join the coalition are also fascist? Give me a break. Only the coalition assembled for World Wars I, II and Gulf War 1 were larger than this one.

The US attempted to justify an invasion by saying that the US WAS know...what with the whole "THEY GOT DA NUKES!" and all. If you FOOL the pppulation into believing they are in danger, they will support military action.
Hitler was not in supreme control of Germany though he had the LOTS Of power. He contacts the powers that be an informs them that german citizens are being oppressed and butchered in poland and that he has sent armed forces to free such citizens. The paper work is done yadda yadda. Hitler gets the reigns.
The people think it needs to be done... and support action,they were FOOLED.
Bush and his flunkies made it out that they NEEDED to go into Iraq so that weapons of mass destruction would not fall into terrorist hands..or...something along those lines.
People thought they were in danger...and that bad **** could go
JUSTIFICATION in the eyes of the blind propaganda poisoned populace.
Yep, I can think of a thousand time Bush, Blair and the leaders of almost every other country, including France Germany and Russia, said "THEY GOT DA NUKES!" Bush always included numerous other reasons in his speeches, the liberal media always just pointed to that.

And you forget also that the majority of the German people were against the war in 1939. They didn't believe the maniac who ruled over them like a dictator. In 1914, when Germany rightfully went to war for her self-defense, the populace was all for the war. In 1939 the populace was very against it. You just never hear about it because everyone who spoke out was shot in 1939!

And Hitler never said Germans were being prosecuted in Poland, he only said that Poland rightfully belonged to Germany, very different from Bush and Iraq. And as for propoganda, I do agree there has been a lot of propoganda. I mean, the Michael Moore film along with all the editorials in the newspapers making up "facts" and so forth. Man, the media has been pounding into our heads that Buishg is a Nazi and only went in for oil and that Iraq is a mess....

Oh, you mean propoganda for the war? All I can say is that I barely see Bush talking on TV once every 2 months. Every other day I hear Michael Moore and other liberal fanatics.

First of all, ET Warrior, you better not have sent peaches! You see, canned peaches contain sugar additives that are VERY bad for soldiers in the heat of Iraq.
It's quite obvious that you only said that because I did. The only I reason I said "peaches" was because it was the first thing that came to my mind. Please don't lie to make yourself look better.
Peaches are food, at least he sent something lol. I feel so bad that I haven't sent anything.

Finally, if a draft comes my way, I will be proud to serve and defend my country. I am not in the least worried about it. The same can be said for any other real, red-blooded, patriotic American (which are the only people that should be living here).
Same here when it comes for the draft. I would actually volunteer if there is a draft, that way I don't have to serve with people who have unwillingly been picked off the street.

But I disagree with your last part. People are allowed to disagree in this country and just because they do so doesn't make them un-American. Since I oppose our wars in Kosovo, Bosnia and Somalia does that make me un American? Since I disagree with the way the Afghan war has been executed does that mean I'm un-American? Of course it doesn't and I can't stand it when people say that.

And as for sending a random letter....I'm sure that'd be swell. Dear random soldier, Thanks for fighting in a war I don't believe in, our government sure is a bunch of pricks for making you lay your life on the line for something so pointless. Keep fighting the good fight!
Man, I bet that soldier would be overwhelmed by your support lol. I find it good to send letters, which I have done, do soldiers. Just thank them for what they did. Van lingo, please thank your friends for me for the great job they have done and for protecting this country. They are the true heroes.

Yeah, because you are only patriotic if you're willing to KILL OTHER HUMAN BEINGS for a government that doesn't even care about your own life. That makes sense
Yep, sounds like Bush alright. Oh wait, rather than trying to put us in misery and make the government even more powerful he actually cuts spending and lowers taxes big time! And he actually prevents drillers from mining off the coast of Florida. And he, oh my God, he actually goes after terrorists rather than allow them to stay as they are. How evil this man is, how eviiil.


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