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Misae: What is this? What is going on? Someone explain!

*She looks at Guy, but Guy is absorbed watching something on his scanner*

Guy: The magic is gone. We are safe for now. We should, however, leave this planet as soon as possible. Where is Raschel?

Aidan: She's still unconscious, but we...she isn't hurt. She's in a cave in the woods. I can show you...

Misae: You mean to say that after all we went through...just like that, everyone's back to normal? Just like that? All we had to do was stab them?

Guy: Don't you recognize that sword? Now we know the reason for it, at least...

Misae: How can you take this so calmly? Those three tried to kill us! And Idun threatened to! Are you all just going to let everything go?!

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