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((Oh boy how about mine...
*copies Redy's idea*))

Galactic Faction: Imperial Loyalist

Name: Irvine Sung-Won Palpatine
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
Faction: Imperial Loyalist
Description: The long lost son of Cracken Palpatine. Started young, red headed, uncorrupt and kept away of the dark side of the force, but like his family, even kept far away from what could happen can happen. He found his father and traveled to the dark hidden temple of the Valley of the Sith, there where he allowed his own longing to know of his linage the dark side found an easy target to corrupt.
Now the raw power of the Valley had given to him for waht he cannot control fully yet, he slowly forgets of what morals he once had...
Public Knowledge: Hardly any, although meny Jedi and Imperial Loyalists have someknowledge about him being the son of the Dark Lord
Current Status/Location: Currently attempting to obtain a ship or a shuttle to continue his pursuit of Reletha Darkstar. Possible fractured leg. (())
Contact: Personal Imperial Channels, dumb luck (either end)


Galactic Faction: Independant

Name: Irvine Cracken Cracern
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
Faction: Independant
Description: Irvine Palpatine's Clone, also a 'fused' individual of two versions of his oringal self, one from an alternate timeline.
He's somewhat mentaly instable, and twice and force powerful. Since reset events he's obtained a long lost fleet of the former Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious
Public Knowledge: None
Current Status/Location: Enroute to Byss
How to Contact: His fleet, Separatist Channels


Name: Havok
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unla Shardes
Faction: None
Description: A young boy with empressive gifts and force powers that have yet to be harnested. He was cloned from the genes of Syrnl Darkstar, Irvine Cracern and some unknown strands. It is unknown why those strands had entered the gene pool...
Public Knowledge: None but to his peers
Current Status/Location: Onboard SSD Luficer
How to Contact: None


Galactic Faction: Unknown

Name: Talon
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Faction: His own.
Description: Appearing to be a tall human, with long dark hair. He's a powerful individual whom lived for at least 5 centuries and appears to have yet even see middle age on human standards. He dewels from another galaxy hundreds of thousands of lightyears beyond the furthest ships in this galaxy can travel.
Public Knowledge: Unknown to any thus far
Current Status/Location: Remains of Unla Shardes
How to Contact: None

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