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Heimdall: Idun was following orders, and no we are not going to just let what happened here go.

*Heimdall walks down and joins Idun by Marin. Idun's spell having just finish healing Marin's wound*

Heimdall: First, we have the issue of the group turning on Svafa and being ready to attack and kill her. This as Idun has informed me nearly cost Svafa her life. I do not know or remember the exact reason for this turn. It does show an inherent lack of trust and resentment. Due to this I'm now restricting the access to the bridge to only Aesir. The Cargo hold can still be used for training, and the lounge.

Idun: Speaking of which... Come here

*The gun which had been following the group flys towards Idun and howevers over her.

Heimdall: While we are on the topic of restrictions. Marin and Aidan will hence forth have access to the upper level of the Asgardried.

With that out of the way, we can now turn our attention to those two *pointing to Matt and Gortick* and to Hal.

Idun: Aidan tell the Asgardried where Raschel is, the ship will send out drones to retrieve her.

*While this is being said the missile Idun fired can be seen flying back towards the Asgardried. When It reached the ship, a compartment opened and it was pulled inside. The compartment quickly shut*

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