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I would have bought the peaches/whatever can'd good and ate them. Charity begins at home.

I dont live in the US. THK GOD. I wouldn't lower myself to dwelling and by dwelling there support such a fuk'd up swill of a nation.

IF you are drafted you wont be defendig your country at all. You will be defending the foreign investments of a few suits and possibly dying for said investments. GO YOU!
I would go to war for my country for the right reasons. The right resons being an ideological war such as ww2. Its good that we will most likely never see something like that again. Just these selfish actiosnof expansion and investment

I will never trust or defend the actions and intentions of the US. It is an opportunist nation and throughout history they have proved this.
WW1 WW2. Hang out of the fight until absolutely necessary. The US did not want war with hitler....actually..they weren't even ready for war, but thats another topic.
And dont mess with me when it comes to WW2 history. Read past the damn books you were given in high school and you may find some answers.
If I wasn't a lazy bastard I'd post numerous passages.

Honestly...I dont blame you for being poisoned by the people who claim to lead you...its not your fault. Media rules your life and its just ratehr sad that you let it happen.

Nothing but a subtle fascist state.
Your country is out of whack.
I just hope I live long enough to see it fall apart.
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