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Heimdall: Misea, they and I were not in our right mind. I will not hold them responsible for any actions carried out in that state. And Guy, yes we are done with this matter, what I have said will not change. For the record Svafa made the right decision. The lies that Raschel...Marin said could have been deadly in an enviroment where both time and standing still work against you. Raschel...Marin's death while regretable would be a price worth paying if it ensured the survival of the main group.

Now Hal, *turning to Hal* you abandoned your comrades during a crisis because you had a disagreement. If not for your father, and the fact that according to Idun you returned to them when they needed addtional help I would with out hesitation leave you on this world. Because you did do that I'm not are showing a dangerous lack of control over your emotions *glances at Misea*. You don't like us, or the way we do somethings fine, it's your choice. If you have any interest in saving this galaxy from a horrible end, you need to get over that. Think we are corrupt for destroying most of the galaxy? You need to get past that as well since we are also trying to save it.

So all of you know, we destroyed those worlds so the people would not have to suffer when Fenrir and his forces came and devored them. We much rather have them die painlessly then endure a slow and agonizing death. This is something you all should think about. Consider that you knew everyone in the galaxy was doomed to die a horrible death, in a relatively short period of time. Now you could ease their deaths, and stop them from suffering or you can do nothing and allow them to die slowly and painfully. Perhaps after you have thought about that for some time you will understand us better.

Now those two, *gesturing to Matt and Gortick* Why should we bring them along?

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