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Guy: We are not together by coincidence. We do not know what this quest will bring, and killing one of our own is akin to cutting off a limb. Marin's lies could not have done any further harm had Svafa not turned violent. It would have been clear to us that Marin was lying.

However Svafa gave in to her anger and prepared to attack "Raschel", threatening to kill us if we tried to stop her. The survival of the group was not in jeopardy until then. Need I point out that if "Raschel" had been telling the truth, we would have been correct to restrain an infected Svafa? Raschel was already restrained, and she did nothing but point a weapon. Svafa's attack was wholly unnecessary and motivated by anger. This is as unnacceptable as Hal leaving the group for the same reason. At least he would not have directly harmed us as Svafa would have.

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