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Galactic Faction: Neo Republic

Name: Deac Starkiller
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Atredis
Description: Average height, reddish brown hair and grizzled beard. Slightly discoloured synthflesh patches hide cybernetic augmentations
Public Knowledge: Known jedi and leader of Atredis. Commended Rebellion soldier.
Current Location: Unknown....beyond our dimension..
How to contact: Republic channels

Name: Elella Starkiller
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Deac's daughter. Atredian ancestry, birth-world unknown
Description: Crimson hair, short with green eyes. Also a jedi, but untrained.
Public Knowledge: Not widely known
Current Location: Agamar
How to contact: Contact Agamar government, the only one to know of her existence.

Galactic Faction: New Republic

Name: Reletha Darkstar
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Origin: Deac's niece. Homeworld= Byss. Daughter of Syrnl Darkstar
Description: Also has crimson red hair. Tall and with dark brown eyes. Sith Master.
Public Knowledge: Supreme Chancellor
Current Location: Coruscant
How to Contact: New Republic Channels

Galactic Faction: Imperial Seperatists

Name: General Stormbaltz
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Origin: Unknown
Description: Bald and blue eyed.
Public Knowledge: Not know, has been in hibernation since before ANH
Current Location: En route to Ulna Shardes
How to Contact: Imperial Fleet

[Hope that's everyone]

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