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And you said the US had propoganda going on? LOL, just listen to you guys!

Before I get into Iraq I would like to address one quote.

I will never trust or defend the actions and intentions of the US. It is an opportunist nation and throughout history they have proved this.
WW1 WW2. Hang out of the fight until absolutely necessary. The US did not want war with hitler....actually..they weren't even ready for war, but thats another topic.
Are you Europeans that ignorant? You guys still don't understand that the US saved your guyses buttoxes twice in both wars. If it was not for US intervention in 1917 (An intervention that was unneccessary and against the wrong side) the German offensive in the west would of been decisively successful and the result would of been a German victory (Wouldn't that have been nice).

World War 2 was also an instance in which the US saved the European's buttoxes. In 1941 the Nazi invasion in the Soviet Union was being very successful while Rommel in Africa was being just as successful. In Africa Rommel's Afrika corps were completely overwhelming that nincompoo known as Montgomery. The Brits simply did not have the manpower nor the firepower to stop the Nazi war machine (Plus they were up against a genius).

So, US is attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941. US is now in the war. US troops are now coming to Europe, once again, in droves. US tanks are fully capable of matching Nazi Panzars and Patton is at least somewhat able to fight Rommel. So, the tide now turns in Africa (The key point of the war was here) forcing Hitler to draw away troops from the Eastern Front and therefor leading to the inevitable turning point at Stalingrad. From that moment on there was never any doubt that the Allies would win.

So, once again, I cannot stand the fact that Europeans hate America even though they saved their buttoxes 2 times in 2 wars. And I'm not even talking about after WW2. Ever heard of the Marshall plan? Ever heard of the reconstruction of Germany? Have you ever heard of the communist party of France (Which was stopped from gaining control of France thanks to US intervention)? Have you ever heard of the Cold War for God's sakes? Remember, if there ever was a war between USSR and US that the US forces would be once again doing the majority of the fighting in Europe?

OK, enough of that.

I dont live in the US. THK GOD. I wouldn't lower myself to dwelling and by dwelling there support such a fuk'd up swill of a nation.
OK, this "f'd up swill of a nation' has the world largest economy, has the world's most powerful army, is not Socialist like you Europeans, actually doesn't have a currupt government and the general welfare is phenominal. Besides that it has the best healthcare in the world, gthe most new technological innovations every year and is the protector of the free world.

Wow, what an f'd up country. Better than any of you European countries. Once again, complete propoganda by your governments.

Honestly...I dont blame you for being poisoned by the people who claim to lead you...its not your fault. Media rules your life and its just ratehr sad that you let it happen.
Alright! Now we got the media ruling our lives. So, since the media rules our lives then why aren't we all anti-war? Since you don't live in the US you obviously don't know that the media in this country is extremely liberal and left. Fox news is the only station which has a conservative bias on it. The libs got NBC, ABC, CBS, WB, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN and others.

And as for leader's propoganda. Like I said, I rarely ever hear Bush or any of his administration. You would have to watch CSpan to even possibly get a view of him. Once again, European propoganda you guys are getting.

Nothing but a subtle fascist state.
Your country is out of whack.
I just hope I live long enough to see it fall apart.
You know what Van Lingo, I would love to see this guy's face if the US falls apart. I would love to see his face when he suddenly realizes that his country is now defenselesss against its enemies. I would love to see his face when his country's economy falls apart because of no US to trade with. I would love to see his face when the reality comes in that the UN can't police the world like the US has been doing for 50 years. WOuldn't that be funny!

Yeah! And then, after sending our troops to Afghanistan, he tried to slip in a combat pay cut! What a real swell fellow.
Like Van Lingo said, it's bull. Talk to any soldier in the service right now and he will laugh if you ask him if he's got a paycheck cut. My Grandpa still recieves money from World War II and my uncle fvrom his Vietnam service. Their pensions have only increased, not decreased. Oh, and remember to, if there was a paycheck cut, congress would be the culprit, not the president.

I come to my conclusions on my own through research and digging. I dont go.." wow...a war with iraq...they MUST be doin bad things. I have faith in my president...after all...he's president...he wouldn't be president if he was an utter ass hat would he?....would...he?"
Wow! You have a disturbed mind. You are the most misguided fellow I have ever heard post on these forums! Tell me, why did we go into Iraq, why did the entire congress approve and indorse and vote on it? And how were we able to get over 30 countries in our coalition? I'm pretty curious to hear your response.


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