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(Oh by the way...not french or from any other european nation...keep at it bucko. i'm sure you can hit it sooner or later)

"Besides that it has the best healthcare in the world,"

bwahahahahahaha. If u have the money you mean. A socialist nation is way superior then your selfish capitalist BS. Dont even try. Just dont. country is fighting to keep our hospitals from being privatized like your BS health system. The way your system works.
If you cant are ****ed or have to pay what you can.
If you CAN get the royal treatment and are skirted infront.(brief)
Thats just wrong. Because you have more money does not mean you are more important.
wealth does not mean you are better and in need of faster medical attention over someone else who is just as sick as you.

And you know what...if the US had just kept up shipping goods to britain and the USSR... (which they eventually did after much begging and pleading from S.W churchill and stalin. Hell, it took them years to convince the US to open a 2nd front against hitler, but hey.....long topic..)...and decided to NEVER actually send troops..Hitler still would have lost. By the time the US was seeing action in Europe the fate of the war had been decided, as the USSR, the Red Army, mother russia had already started destroying germany across the Ost front. By the time the US enetered into it, it was a matter of who got what and how they could stop the communists from taking germany and hell..whatever else they wanted.(It was all about ideology and keeping communism down)
The US DID NOT win ww2. THE USSR did the deed and came out on and why they collapsed years afterwards is irrelevant.)
They skirted in at the last minute to get the glory. Sure it was needed and appreciated , but IT was NOT a must.

whats this,..Patton vs are you goin on about here? The US had no military presence in africa (apart from its machinery sent to the british) until that campaign was all but over. Its funny...but the US's first military action in the EURO/Africa theatre of war was against...yes..THE FRENCH!@!...Wouldn't have guessed it would you. Vichy france....they landed on the shores of northern africa and were actually repelled in some cases by the honour bound french forces.(though they obviously swept over the units that were actually resisting in short order)

And I have said it to my friends and to others I talk to about the US....(my gf is actually american...sad but true)..I would be willing to tough out the collapse of the US and its ramifications world wide then to stomache this tripe they do to the world over and over. If sanity is not brought to the leadership of the US I fear for the world and what might happen.

Guess I'll address one last quote..

"general welfare is phenominal."

I assume you welfare system. You wanna know what else is Phenominal? The amount of people on it. Now thats BLOODY phenominal.
The US does not care about its population.....hell ..that would be socialist. HELL..that would make sense.
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