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Has anyone seen the thread 'Raiders of the lost Pants' in the forum?
I will now start a similar thread here in a feeble attempt to liven this forum up a bit.
All you have to do is take a quote from the game and add the word 'pants' in the appropriate place.

For example
  • Whenever I smell asphalt I think of pants.
  • Now there go some pants I could ride with!
  • They had pants!
  • Thanks for the pants.
  • I still can't believe someone would steal my pants!
  • Nice pants! Where'd you find them?
  • He's back at the gas tower!
    He's got pants that kid.
  • Are we headed for pants up the road?
    No, we're in them.
  • Oh, just your average everyday pre-regulation destroyer-class solid-fuel recoil pants.
Please add to my list cos some of these are really lame and I need a laugh.

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