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Originally posted by Alien426
WTF? Are you on drugs? They would work perfectly! Who says there has to be a lot of dialogue? And who says there can't be in an adventure? Have you read a Sam & Max comic lately? Very much text. Ain't no problem with that in the game.

Besides, you're watching too much of the sucky past-season-2 episodes of Futurama.

Good Omens as a game? Oh please.
Basically, there isn't any insentive for these people (futurama, the simpsons, family guy) to actually do anything worthwhile like go on an adventure or become pirates. Most of them have adventures againat there on wishes, and in truth, they're telivision programs, there's no threat of important people dying (main characters or otherwise) and, to me, no sense of adventure in them. Sam n Max worked because, well, it's sam n max, the duo together works on so many levels. With these TV shows, well, they work as TV shows mostly because it's fast and usually never without a gag or two. Fans of the show will get extremely bored when they have about two minutes of funny dialogue in the game, followed by twenty minutes of walking around with nothing funny happening (even sight gag will get old after a while).

Secondly, I own every single episode of futurama on DVD, i know where it went downhill and I know which were the good episodes, but seriously, what is elft for them to do, space is the final frontier, and they've saved the earth god knows how many times, nothing's new for them, nor the simpsons, not family guy (which I also own the first 3 seasons on DVD).

Thirdly, my last post had actual reasons why i didn't think these would do well as adventure games and reasons why I though Good Omens would do well. All you did was say "Good Omens as a game? Oh please. " which hardly constitutes as an explanation as to why you don't think it would make a good game, and unless you do, I would actually be under the impression that you've never actually read the book and you're just saying that out of spite.

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