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I do agree that I should somehow get Freespace 2, even though since it's doesn't work (i think, I have Freespace 1 and i tried it yesterday, couldnt connect).

I have found two places to, um, "get" it, one was a smaller file but with no cinematics and only 640x480 resolution, the other a pack of 3 ISOs, about 2.2 gigs, not very good for dial-uppers like me

Before anyone starts the illegal stuff accusations, there was some official anouncement or something saying something to the effect of "not being sold anymore, so you're now allowed to get a copy from a friend or something"

like we already havent. :P

The Jump to Lightspeed Expansion may be what the next X-Wing Series game should have been, we shall see, but in the meantime to RPG or monthly fees for me.

I have Starlancer, in my opinion its not very good AT ALL.

oh well...
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