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Originally posted by boranchistanger
actually doesn't have a currupt government

Like Van Lingo said, it's bull. Talk to any soldier in the service right now and he will laugh if you ask him if he's got a paycheck cut.
To the first part of that quote...HA! HAHA! HAHAHA! Ever heard of a man named Richard Nixon? And that's only one of the FAMOUS incidents of government corruption. If you truly believe that ANY government of ANY nation isn't corrupt, you are more naive than even I gave you credit for.

As to the second part...
Originally posted by me
Yeah! And then, after sending our troops to Afghanistan, he tried to slip in a combat pay cut! What a real swell fellow.
TRIED, so they obviously DIDNT get a paycut. That doesn't change the fact that Bush WANTED them to get paid less than what they do for fighting in the war.

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