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Um... I can't speak Italian, does that say:

Sam and Max: The Gilbert Case!?

GILBERT! Who the heck is Gilbert?

Anyway, for all your fangames-that-you-can-understand goodness, check out the other fangame linked earlier

You can find two demos in the fangame thread in the Anything and Everything forum. However, rest in mind:

Demo #1 is nothing like our game. It was a loose attempt at seeing how well the AGS engine would work. We are not using that engine, so ignore that demo (the one with the weird backgrounds that are all multi-colored and off scaled).

Demo #2: Has no content from our game. Was a tech demo of SLUDGE engine. We will be using that engine. All backgrounds we're from Freelance Police and sprites from HTR. This has no puzzles or story from our game, either.

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