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Joshi, your arguments for and against the adventures are so ridiculous, how should I counter them?

> there isn't any incentive for these people to actually do anything worthwhile
They deliver goods to strange planets in Futurama. How could that not be adventurous?

> there's no threat of important people dying
Ever played a LucasArts adventure?

> Sam n Max worked because, well, it's sam n max
Sure, great argument you got there.
Sam & Max is a comic with lots of dialogue. It's an animated series with lots of action. The protagonists don't die. Sam & Max aren't smart enough to do the stuff that people do in adventure games...

Dalty has a point. Batman has no super powers. He relies on gadgets (just like adventurers do on their inventory).

Yes, I've read Good Omens. Works as a book. Could NEVER work as a game. Where's the puzzle solving? Where's the interaction with objects? How could it be entertaining for people who've read the book?

It takes em revy long to gifure uot yuor tosps. Hwo abuot yuo splel ckech befero yuo tosp?

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