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A Jedi Story

This is a Jedi named Tel Qual who goes on a long yet exciting mission.This is after the battle of Endor.(By the way this is my first fanfic)

Chapter One:
Arriving on Tatooine

Tal who had been told by his master to go to Tatooine was sitting in the his ship and about to land on Tatooine.When he landed he saw 10 stormtroopers come to investigate the ship.When they come in the leader of the squad says to Tel"What is your name and buisness here at Mos Espa".Tel replies with a Jedi Mind Trick saying"I have no buisness here.You must go away".The trooper goes away but the other stormtroopers noticed the mind trick.They fired at Tel but Tel was ready.He ignited his blue lightsaber and deflected the shots.He used force push on the troopers and they hit the wall knocked out.He that stabbed them all in the chest and put the bodies in the storage compartment of his ship.

Tel then goes to meet his master who said he would wait for him in the cantina near the docking bay.Tel went into the cantina a sees his master.His master says"What took you so long".I had trouble master"replied Tel.They ordered a drink each and disscused the plan which they had to carry out."We must kill the Hutt of this planet but he is somewhere deep in Mos Espa.If he escapes we must follow him on his ship" said Tel's master who was named Master Zorin Blastar.They left the cantina and set off to the Hutt's palace.


Any feed back would be appreciated

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