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Heimdall: Orthos that is not good enough, and I do not respond well to threats. From all indication these quests will continue to become more dangerous as time passes. So I'll ask you, can Gortick handle himself in a fight and in such positions? If you say yes, then we will take him. Remember though that you will be placing him in danger and if he can't you possible place the rest of us in danger as well. The same goes for that one*pointing to Matt*

Idun to Guy: Think what you want, Svafa style of thinking and actions saved the group. You all of you owe her an apology and a thank you. Or have your forgotten who it was that returned the sword to Heimdall? As far as a danger to the group, she was trying to save it. If she was a real danger and truely gave into her anger then She would not have said a word and just killed "Raschel"

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