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Well, Starlancer was well, I don't know. Very cheesy in ways, with the Russians and their accents, the melodramatic story and cutscenes and that one officer chick. Yech. Plus, it was more "catch up to target , shoot target, lose target, hit target about 2 more times, then watch it zoom away".

That 3000 AD thing looks to weird, I looked it up on GameSpot and it got some horrible review, plus the "huge ship explore the galaxy sell/buy things" isnt really that appealing to me..

I'm still trying to get my X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and XvT to work properly on Win2000, trust me I've read pretty much everything Google can find.

Back onto the topic of Freespace 2 and it's blurred ideas of "can I download/burn it or not?"... I don't want to get in trouble with the forums people.. but, um, does anyone know how to use "E-Mule"? that would sort of help... hehehe...
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