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Arrow 194th Royal Guard

Announcing the planned launch of the 194th Royal Guard, the second division of [194] Guild (which already has 20 members in their BF:1942 division, many of which will be moving to SW:BF). Some points about the division:

-Members must be 17+.
-Weekly practice participation mandatory
-Will be competeting in premiere competetive league(s) (CAL, TWL, etc., whoever is hosting SW:BF)
-Looking for laid-back, good players, who are also cool people.
-Use of Ventrilo (Voice over IP communications - may be converting to TS soon.)
-Two week evaluation period for recruits to make sure they're active and fit in.
-No affiliations. No ranks. No roleplaying. No BS. Just a good group of people havin fun competing at the top level.

Interested? Cool. Unfortunately, I cannot possibly consider recruiting members for this division until the game actually comes out. Just because you're here on these forums doesn't mean you're going to be any good. That's not to say you can't come hang with us in the meantime. Hit up our website (link below), chill at our forums, and get to know us a bit. Also, if you have XFire, feel free to add us in and come play along side us in BF:1942 or Raven Shield (all our xfire names can be found on the Squad Roster page on our website).

We are recruiting for BF:1942 currently. If you have that game and would like to get an early jump with us, don't hesitate to sign up for recruitment for our BF:1942 division.

Please feel free to stop by our website, and stay and chat while we await the release. Also don't hesitate to contact me through email or XFire if you have any questions.
(new address soon....this one works for now)

Commander, [194] Guild
XFire - 194schetter

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