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Idun: That very well may have been a possiblity, I stress "may have been." Also I did not say that you were wrong in your thinking. It still doesn't change the fact that Svafa was the one who began the reversion of the three. As far as her thinking is concerned, you really have no idea what she was thinking or her reasons, and she is no danger to this group.

As far as an apology or a thankyou is concerned, we and especially her don't expect it, just something you should consider. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get Marin into the ship.

*Idun bends over and picks up Marin and walks towards the ship*

Heimdall: He *gesturing towards Matt* Can certainly speak for himself, I'll still need at least one of you to either to back up his story and if it is not good enough and you still want to take him then one of you will have to take responsiblity for him.

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