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Chapter 2:The Hutt's Palace

Tel and Zorin arrived at the palace.They saw two twi'lek guards at the entrance.Zorin approached the guards and used Jedi Mind Trick on both of them.He said as he waved his hand"You will let us in".The guards replied"HA we have anti-force implants.So you cant come in".Zorin ignited his green lightsaber.Tel followed suit and ignited his blue lightsaber.They beheaded both the guards.The two Jedi went into the Hutt's palace and approached Tuluk the Hutt.Tel said"Now what master".Zorin replied"Tuluk will send guards upon us.Be ready".They ignited their lightsabers and waited for the guards.Tuluk yelled"Seize them".About 20 guards attacked them.Tel jumped up and used force push on a nearby rodian.The rodian flew back and hit a gran guard.They were pushed onto the wall knocked out.Zorin who had killed 5 guards already, yelled"The hutt.Hes getting away".There were only 5 guards left.Tel used a srong lightning on them and they died.The hutt however had escaped onto his transport.The 2 jedi ran to their x-wings and made pursuit.The hutt transport went into hyperspace.Fortunally the jedi got pulled in with the hyprspace pull.They came out of hyperspace and saw the planet of Ignis. The planet of the Iconians.They were a very brutish against all but hutts and the hutts fellows.Tel said to his master"We are in trouble".

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