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Originally posted by Joshi
Now alien. First of all, Fry and the rest are all in dead end jobs, if they needed something to drive an adventure, it would have to be something a little be stronger that "because the boss said so". Yes, you may be able to come up with that, but as I said before there are so many other factors which you didn't actually address, you only addressed the ones that you thought you could argue over, which doesn't constitute you calling my argument ridiculous, just flawed.

And yes, I do know that in LA adventures you can't dye, but amazingly, you're not the only important person in the game. In Monkey Island, there was always the threat that in the story, someone like Elaine may die. Yes, it didn't happen, but that's always a factor that could have been address, and not being grounded by actor’s contacts or anything, this could happen and you could still have further episodes of the game, or whatever. You can't have Leela die in a Futurama game now can you, you know she's alive in the show and despite the show being cancelled, it's still too definite for a TV show, and people wouldn't react to well to the fact that they see a major character die in a game rather than their roots in the show.

There is a Futurama game. It has a plot, and it involves some sort of hilarious hair-brained adventure, just like an episode of the show does. Just because we know that none of the main characters are going to die, that doesn't detract from the 'fun' at all. Fry, Leela and Bender are constantly thrown into life or death situations all the time, and there's never a question whether or not they'll get out of them. Nobody needs to be killed off to make a Futurama adventure game possible, this is a completely worthless point.

There are actually quite a lot of similarities between the characters in Monkey Island and Futurama. Fry & Guybrush are the dull-witted protagonist, Elaine & Leela are both the strong female types in charge, and Bender is akin to.. Murray (Max would be a better match)? So there's no real reason why a Futurama adventure game wouldn't work.

Originally posted by Joshi
The whole Sam n Max thing, well basically, it was already in so many mediums, and was a comic way before it was a TV show and was a TV show after the game. It was only logical to bring out the game and plus Steve Purcell and co made it work.

It was logical to bring out a game because Sam & Max had a TV show after the game came out and a comic before? It's also worth noting that The Simpsons: Hit & Run was actually written by scriptwriters who worked on the show. The characters make various witty comments, and they're definitely the same Simpsons you see on TV.
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