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Originally posted by scabb
There is a Futurama game. It has a plot, and it involves some sort of hilarious hair-brained adventure, just like an episode of the show does. Just because we know that none of the main characters are going to die, that doesn't detract from the 'fun' at all. Fry, Leela and Bender are constantly thrown into life or death situations all the time, and there's never a question whether or not they'll get out of them. Nobody needs to be killed off to make a Futurama adventure game possible, this is a completely worthless point.

Please note, that game was crap. I played it for about five minutes in a Game store and saw no point in it. this may or may not have been for the storyline, or whatever. Fine, so my point may not have been the best argument, but honestly, I really can't see how it could make a good adventure game. Possibly because Monkey island was original was one factor for it's success (but then that contradicts the entire thread here anyway).
Basically, as soon as I heard someone say Futurama, I felt something wasn't quite right about it, and nothing anyone's said has really changed my mind about that, despite going at this with an open mind. I can't explain why I don't think it would work I just don't think it would, despite it's similarities with Monkey island. Sometimes, things don't work just because you follow the formula.

Originally posted by scabb
It was logical to bring out a game because Sam & Max had a TV show after the game came out and a comic before? It's also worth noting that The Simpsons: Hit & Run was actually written by scriptwriters who worked on the show. The characters make various witty comments, and they're definitely the same Simpsons you see on TV.

I didn't say that was logical, I just said that it seemed to follow a nice path the game came out after the comic, a good funny comic with only pictures, words and humour to drive it, so the game provided everything else that a would be TV series would need for it to work (which, unfortunately, it didn't).

And the Simpsons thing depends on which Simpsons you're talking about on TV, the newer episodes, or the classic season 4 Simpsons? although the whole Idea behind Hit and run is the vehicle angle, which means I suppose no one was actually expecting too much of the Simpsons humour to show up, just the world they live in, and I don't just mean the city (is it a city or town?)

Then again, hey, I'm just one guy, with one opinion, it might be right, it might be wrong, that's the point of this discussion.

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