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Chapter 3:The Iconians

Tel and Zorin landed in a forest near the town where Tuluk had gone.Tel says to Zorin"What shall we do master"."We wait for someone to find us here.The Iconians must have seen us".

A few hours later 3 Iconians came to the two jedi's location.All the Iconians found was 2 x-wings."Maybe they are hiding"said one of the Iconians.Tel and Zorin then snuck up on the Iconians and used a Force lightning on them.They died.Tel and Zorin went to the city gates and waited until nightfall.They then used Force Jump to jump to the top of the wall.They them quietly ran to the place where the hutt landed.They saw the hutt sleeping by a fire.The guards were also asleep.Tel and Zorin used froce choke on the gaurds.They were only dummies.The hutt woke up and yelled"The jedi again.Get them".30 guards rushed and they were Iconians.Tel and Zorin ignited their lightsabers and prepared for battle.The Iconians carried long vibroblades.They started fighting why the hutt got away.Zorin saw 5 guards rush for him.They all hit him at the same time.Zorin blocked four blows but got hit by the last vibroblade.The blow hit him straight in the back.He fell to the ground.Tel who saw this felt the dark rage coming.He unleashed his anger on all the Iconians.They all died in a flash of lightning.Tel ran over to his master."Take my lightsaber as my final wish".Zorin died.Tel took his lightsaber.He felt a anger in him.He wanted to kill all the Iconians in the city(ep 2 anyone).

At dawn all the Iconians in the city were dead.Tel had gone to the dark side.He went to his x-wing and got in.He then headed for Korriban.

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