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Originally posted by RavenXII
This is great! Everything I've used thusfar has worked correctly...BUT, is there any list for spawning the items included? I found a *few* of them in the readme, but I'd be nice to have a list of them.

Thanks man!
The easyest way to find all the item cheat codes is to simply look for the .uti files in override Most items are obvious by the file name and it is the file name that you would use in the console. However it only takes a Few minutes so I'll post all the item codes for the plug-in.

Cheat code : Description
adv_combat : Advanced Combat Sensor
adv_dominate: Advanced Dominator Gauntlets
adv_headband: Advanced Verpine Headband
assult_pistol: Heavy Assult Pistol
black_mando: Mandalorian Mod Armor
boba_fett: Boba Fetts armour
cersaberdbl90: Shimaon's
cersabersht90: Shimaon's
dark_guard: Dark Guard
darksaber: Exar Kun's Darksaber
dexocon_implant: Dexocon Implant
ejmrobe21: Elite Jedi Master Robe/Maroon/Desert Camo
ejmrobe22: Elite Jedi Master Robe Black/Black
ejmrobe23: Elite Jedi Master Robe White/Urban Camo
ejmrobe24: Elite Jedi Master Robe Purple/Woodland Camo
enliven_armor: Enliven Armor
fett_proto: Casus Fett's Prototype Armor
force_gloves: force gloves
force_implant: force_implant
g_a_class6006: Exar Kun's Battle Armor
g_a_class9012: Dark Battle Armor
g_a_class9013: red Madalorian Armor
g_a_class9014: Blood red Madalorian Armor
g_a_jedirobe07: Enhanced Jedi Robes
g_a_jedirobe08: Enhanced Dark Robes
g_a_jedirobe09: Exar Kuns Robes
g_a_kghtrobe29: Shadow Robes
g_a_kghtrobe34:The Generals Robe
g_a_kghtrobe36: Colja's Robes
g_a_mstrrobe25: Samurai Jedi robes
g_a_mstrrobe26 Samurai Jedi robes
g_a_mstrrobe27 Samurai Jedi robes
g_a_mstrrobe28 Samurai Jedi robes
g_a_mstrrobe30: Dorak's council Robes
g_a_mstrrobe31: Vrook's Council Robes
g_a_mstrrobe32: Zhar's council Robes
g_a_mstrrobe33: Jinn's Knight Robes
g_a_mstrrobe35: Windu Robes
g_a_mstrrobe55: Revans redemption robes/blue
g_a_mstrrobe56: Revans redemption robes/Tan
g_i_gauntlet10: Kuns Sith Amulet
g_i_implant666: Jedi implant
g_i_mask30: enhanced sith mask
g_i_mask80: Light of the force
g_i_mask81: Fuel of hate
g_w_dblsbr022: Sith Assasin Double Saber
g_w_kunsaber01: Kuns first saber
g_w_lghtsbr22: Sith Necros Saber
g_w_shortsbr22: Sith Assasin Saber
hgun_arm: Heavy Gunner's Gauntlet
hl_w_lghtsbr98: Guardain of the Order
j_a_mission: Missions Personal Armour
j_a_quinlan: Quinlan Kovashs Battle Armour
j_w_vbroswrd15: Quinlan Kovashs Battle Sword
jango_fett: Jango Fetts Armor
jedi_band: jedi_band
light_robes: Robes of Light
oros_lagg: Oros Lagg's Gauntlet
pistol_arm: Gunslinger's Gauntlet
rs_w_lghtsbr99: Kel Fisto's Lightsaber
sep_w_dblsbr001: Deridium Sith Saber
sep_w_lghtsbr01: Alora-sor-Dana's lightsabre
sep_w_lghtsbr02: Acient Jedi Lightsaber
sep_w_lghtsbr99: Sep-Rith-ro's lightsaber
shi_a_robe01: Shimaon's Ancient Robe
shi_w_lghtsbr01: Shimaon's Ancient Lightsaber
sure_shot: sure shot
t7_armbnds70: Darkjedi Armband
t7_belt70: Sith capacitance and utility belt
t7_gauntlet: Uthar's Guantlet
t7_implant70: Sith Implant
t7_mask70: Sith Artifact
t7_w_dblsbr070: Knights Staff
t7_w_dblsbr072: Jolee's Jade Shield
t7_w_lghtsbr70: Guardian of the Light
t7_w_lghtsbr74: Sith Strength
twi_hand: Aalya's Gloves
yoda_hand: Yoda's Gauntlets
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