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Halo RPG!

Alright, i had a Halo RPG at the JK board already, but i'd like another storyline as well. Plus, i also wanna play covenant. This story-line takes place a few years before Halo.
since most of us know what happened on planet Halo, and i don't wanna keep posting spoilers for you that don't, we're gonna RP somewhere else in the galaxy. So you can't be the masterchief. You can join either the UNSC armed forces or the Covenant Warrior Kaste.


class: (sniper, heavy weaps, normal marine, pilot, Etc.)
rank: (Luitenant, private, something like that.)
Looks: (optional)
Age: (optional)

if you want, you can even be a ship AI, like Cortana, only that'd be a bit hard to RP with, i guess...

UNSC weapons: Frag grenade, pistol (2X zoom), Assault rifle (compass, flashlight, automated fire), shotgun, sniper rifle (Armor piercing, 2X adn 8X zoom, shoots trough multiple targets), rocket launcher (2X zoom, two rockets in magazine).

UNSC vehicles:
Scorpion tank. Crew: 1 driver, 1 gunner. Weapons: main cannon (explosive shells) and a machine gun. 4 passengers can sit on the sides.

Warthog Recon vehicle: crew: 1 driver, 1 gunner. Weapons: triple-barreled minigun. 1 passenger can sit in the side-seat.

Pelican dropship: crew: 1. Weapons: none. room for 8 passengers in the back plus one warthog.

Vehicles can only be destroyed by explosive weapons, but the creew can sometimes be shot from outside. (but now in the scorpion)

Covenant Warrior Kaste.
Name: (optional, since i don't know what kinda names cobenant have)
Race: (choose from the races listed below)

Covenant weapons: Plasma rifle (automatic fire, overheats after long use ), plasma pistol (Semi-automatic, can overcharge giving a strong homing bolt that overheats the pistol), needler (fires several homing needles that explode some seconds after impact, and bounce off flat surfaces), Shade (stationary gun, armored from front, unprotected from rear and sides, fires three plasma beams at once, rapid fire, and doesn't overheat.), plasma grenade (same as frag, only sticks to enemies and their vehicles, and explodes a while later.), Fuel rod gun (fires explosive plasma shells rapidly, but can overheat, only usable by hunters.). Overheated weapons need to cool down a while before they can be used again. Only covenant know how to reload covenant weapons, apart from the Needler.

Covenant vehicles:
Ghost: crew: 1 driver. Weapons: two plasma cannons. This vehicle floats above the ground.

Banshee: crew: 1 pilot. Weapons: two plasma cannons, one Fuel rod launcher. This vehicle floats.

Tank: crew: (I don't know, i think one driver). Weapons: one VERY strong cannon, that fires an explosive plasma bolt in an arch. This vehicle floats.

Dropship: Crew: I think one pilot. Weapons: Triple barreled plasma turret. Room for 8 passengers and i think also a vehicle.

Covenant races:

Grunt: 5' tall, and are very weak. They carry huge life-support packs on their backs and need breath masks. They always travel in packs. Grunts are the only covenant that fit in the Shades. They can use most covenant weapons, except the Fuel rod gun.

Jackal: Superior sight, hearing and smell. They are fast, but weak, and they carry energy shields (sorta like the gungans) wich they can use to deflect weapon fire. An overcharged shot from the plasma pistol can bring their shield down. They only use Plasma pistols.

Elite: The are 8' 6'' tall and very strong, so they can hit their opponents. They can order around the other covenant. They use either an overshield, that deflects weapon fire all around but ultimatly depletes and needs to recharge (it can be penetrated by a sniper rifle bullet) or active camouflage, rendering them almost completely invisible but making them unable to wear overshields, making them a lot weaker. They pilot all the remaining Covenant vehicles. They can use almost any covenant weapon, except the fuel rod gun. They also sometimes use lightsaber-like weapons, that can penetrate overshields and instantly kill someone. It is directly integrated into their armor (at least i think it is, since you can't pick it up.) This lightsaber thingy remains visible under active camouflage.

Hunters: 12' tall, but in their combat state they are only 8' tall. They carry fuel rod guns integrated into their armor and metal shields capable of defleting almost any weapon fire, wich they also use as melee weapons. They are very strong, and i don't recommend playing them, since it is easy to Godmode with them.

Alright, here's my char:

Name: Khan.
Race: Elite.
Bio: Khan entered the war from the beginning. He has gained many victories for the Covenant forces, using brilliant military tactics. He is now aboard a Covenant warship, the Truth and Reconciliation, en route to one of Earth's outlying colonies...

I'll wait till i have more participants till i start. You can also join the other Halo RPG but it has a bit different storyline... Or you can join both, like i do.
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