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Chapter 4:The Beginning of Darth Qual

Tel landed on Korriban and went to the sith academy.10 stormtroopers ambushed him.He lightninged them and went inside.He went to the master and said"I want to be a sith"."OK good.You will now be Darth Qual" replied the master.Darth Qual trained alot and and killed ohter apprentices while doing it.The master of the academy was very impressed and went to Darth Qual one afternoon and said"I would like you to be my apprentice"."No.I will not let another person die at my hands again"."Alright"the master said very angry.Darth Qual went to his modified X-wing and got in.

He went to Yavin 4 and went to the jedi academy.When inside Luke Skywalker came out to greet him."Welcome back Tel we thought you were dead".Darth Qual replied"Well im here and my master is dead"."Im sorry"said Luke."Dont be"said Darth Qual.When Darth Qual said this Luke scensed the dark side in Qual."You have hatred in you Tel.Release it"."NO I WON'T"yelled Qual.Qual ignited his two lightsabers and attacked Luke.Luke doged the blows and ignited his saber.He deflected all blows and said"Let go of your anger Tel"."IM NOT TEL ANYMORE.IM DARTH QUAL".At once all of the jedi heard this.They all went down to the hall.They watched Qual and Luke dual.Luke deignited his lightsaber and went away.Qual then turned around and went back to his X-wing.He then flew back to Tatooine.

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