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Chapter 5:The Upcoming Battle

On Yavin Kyle and Luke were talking about Darth Qual."He can be turned back"said Luke."I dont know"said Kyle."He can.He still has the light side in him.I felt it will I fought him"."Ok"said Kyle.Luke then said"Kyle I want you to follow Tel and see what happens.He went to Tatooine.I will come with you,since I know the planet".Luke and Kyle got into the Ravens Claw and went to Tatooine.

Meanwhile on Tatooine Qual was buying equitment.He bought a vibroblade,two blaster rifles and a sniper rifle.He then went out to a sandcrawler to get an assain droid.He killed all the Jawas because they wouldnt sell him the best assain droid.He then went back to his x-wing and put the assain droid in the small storage compartment.He then flys back to Korriban.

When Luke and Kyle are about to land they see Qual's shia and follow after it.When they get out of hyperspace they see Korriban.They follow Qual and land outside the Korriban city.They then get inside and go to the sith academy with a breif attack from 2 sith appretices.They go in and see the master of the academy they apprach him and Luke says"We are here to see Darth Qual"."You do not see anyone here jedi".The master ignites his lightsaber and then 20 sith knights come out and ignite there sabers.Luke and Kyle do the same and prepare to fight.

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