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actually...i think it was "wudevu" not.

once my little brother was gonna write a mean message to me or something on a piece of paper (i think he was 8 or something). anyway, he asked me how to spell "faggot" so i said "okay. it's f-o-g...h-i-t." and he said "that's 'foghit' you idiot!" and then i said, "no, it's faggot." he almost believed me...but not quite. and then i said "and this is how you spell 'subpoena'" and i wrote it on a piece of paper, and he didn't believe me then, even though it was the right spelling. and he said "no, that's-" i'm gonna do the pronunciation thing here "-sub-poh-eh-nuh!" and i said "no, it's-" again "-sub-pee-nuh" and he was like "no it's not you fag!".

we're so friendly.
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