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*Ulna Shardes: Surface*

*The demons had been completely oblivious to the ship whom enter orbit...*


*A beautiful red headed female demon stands in her quarters, she's putting away her belongings. She'd just been stationed onto the new planet.

Her job is to oversee the other demons responsable in controlling the minds of the demons whom generate the worm holes in and out of the world.

She being somehow related to Lord Talon, her position to over see meny others was easy. Even not for that but her bloodline allows her to be even more powerful of a telepath.*

*When she finishes she walks over to her bed in her personal quarters, and plops down onto it. Laid back relaxed.

Then suddenly she senses something, faint, not nearby, several kilometers upward. Someone was in orbit!

She bolts up and runs to a comm built into the wall near the doorway.*

Woman: "Commander Eva to control."

*comm* "Control."

Woman: "Scan orbital area, 314.75 mark 56.39."

*comm* "Miam?"

Woman: "Just do it, thats an order."

*comm* "Yes miam."

*A moment later*

*Over load speakers* "Situational command to control, situational command to control..


*Talon's Quarters*

*Talon looks at the small red stobes light blinking after hearing the annoucement, he begins to walk to the door, then the comm goes off.*

*comm* "My lord, sorry to disturb you."

Talon: "Save it. What is it?"

*comm* "My lord, we've detected a ship which entered orbit."

Talon: "It was inevitable, prepare squads to intercept any landings, and let's not be hostile yet."


*Demons gather in an armory equiping themselves with personal armour, and resently gathered and tested E11 stormtrooper rifles.

They enter the portal room and await for the go on an intercept.*

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