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Ulna Shardes Space

*Rwos walks over to one of the Blades working*

Rwos: Can you tell me what you've found?

*The Blade looks up from her holoscreen. She looks at Nereli, who nods, then replies* Yes. Area scan complete, analyzation in progress. A large number of life forms have been detected, some human. They seem to be terraforming the planet. Newcomers, most likely.

Rwos: What you are looking for?

Nereli: *from behind him* They were called Vanguards, Rwos. They were created here.

Rwos: Vanguards? Yes, I was aware of them. Warriors, experiments that were created to fight the Force-sensitive beings of this was in my reports. But they are no danger to us. Why look for them?

Nereli: *softly* Then you are not aware that the Vanguards used our technology? Executioner technology?

*Rwos' eyes widen. He hadn't considered that. But now that he thought about it, it seemed obvious...

Blades were not the strongest magical beings in their world. But Blade magic was a powerful amplifier. The Blade organization had no control over who was born with Blade magic. Fate, or random luck, decided that. The organization could only hope to recruit those beings once they started manifesting it. Most accepted readily.

Those who refused were usually unable to make anything useful of their power anyway. Usually. And then, there were the Blades that went rogue, betraying or attacking the organization as a whole.

To combat these threats, beings called "Executioners" were created. Anonymous warriors, they were essentially living killing machines...killing machines designed especially to kill Blades. They could be ordered only by the Blade Council, and were used only as a last-resort method.

They were a match for any Blade, because they were invulnerable to Blade magic. Besides that, they drew on their opponents power, able to exactly match it.*

The same principle applied to the Jedi here...that's how the Vanguard could kill Jedi...

*Nereli waits for Rwos to absorb that. Then he speaks again, in the same soft voice*

Nereli: Yes, the Vanguards are no danger to us. But you can understand the concern. Only a Blade could have stolen that technology. Only a Blade could have made the Vanguards.

*Another Blade calls Nereli's attention. He walks over, holds a short conversation and returns to Rwos*

Nereli: We're landing. Prepare your environment spells.

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