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What is and what should never be...

No, actually, they weren't. That was just thier front, thier cover, if you will.

They were, in reality, a loosely joined cabal of satanic arch super villians, bent on world domination by capturing and controlling the world's diamond market by using a death-ray orbiting satillite. Being a successful hard-rock band was just a side job that provided funds for thier nefarious schemes. And they were only as popular as they were by putting on subliminal messages in thier music.

They might have succeded, if it weren't for the efforts of the top agent of a super-secret government agency who battled crime in all it's many forms wearing a mask and cape.
Many people believed that he was one of the members of KISS,.. but in actuallity it turns out it was Peter Frampton all along.

True story.

Well,.. at least that's how I remember the '70's...

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