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Actually, my friend is going to do a little skinning on him, so we're working on the model as a team. Finally he has my model, now he just needs to color him in. I'll give you a link when he's done

For now, I want to do a few animations for him, somehow I need to change a few frames and keep the rest of the 17,000. In the game he's from, he has a weird way of standing, that I want to copy, and he doesn't run, he glides by using his wings on his back. His wings aren't normal Dragon wings, the ones that flap. See the pics to see what I mean, he flies as if he was a rocket burning fuel, heh. Here's what I'm trying to make.
*** To see the 3rd link, click on it's properties and copy and paste again. The post took a short cut on the link and doesn't work***

I'm also including a Boss Theme Duel music as a pk3 included with the skin.
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