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((Thanks to the way things have shaped up in the previous thread, I'm going to assume that Jokemaster's 'Adrian' is still on my ship and I'm trying to get in contact with Greer, something that has not been easy for me.))

Somewhere in the Outer Rim

Tarila Vilnov rubbed her eyes. She had been staring at the galaxy, or more accurately, a map of the galaxy for far too long. She had no idea where Greer might be, but last they knew he was on Coruscant. Tarila shook her head as she thought of the events that brought them to the place they were now.

She could only guess that it had been discovered who had Adrian and they decided to attempt a rescue. Rather than risk destroying parts of Coruscant, Nom and Tarila went on the run, loosing their attackers in the vast galaxy. Tarila sighed, hoping they could find Greer soon.

Nom entered the room and Tarila looked at him.

"How's the prisoner?" she asked. Nom laughed.

"Angry as ever," he answered. "He can't believe he was foolish enough to get caught."

"We're not any closer to finding Greer," she told him. His smile faded and he shook his head.

"It's okay," he said. "We'll find him... somehow."

"Right," she whispered. "Somehow."

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