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Chapter 6:The Battle

Luke and Kyle put their lightsabers into a defensive position and waited.2 sith knights ran forward and attacked.Luke ducked and beheaded one of them and Kyle who was in a saber lock with the knight used force push on him and pushed him back.He then immediatly used force pull and pulled him back.He then stabbed him in the chest.Luke and Kyle again waited.Then suddenly all the knights and the master ran at them.

Qual who was in his room was programing his droid to kill the master of the academy.When half way done he heard sabers.He rushed out to the entrance hall and saw Luke and Kyle dueling all the knights and the master.Qual activated his sabers and started picking off the knights one by one.After about a minuteall the knights were dead and only the master was left.He raised his saber and killed himself.Luke said to Qual"Thankyou"."Shut it.I did it because I didnt want you 2 to die.Now go".

Luke and Kyle turned around and went to the Ravens Claw and got in."I knew there was good in him" said Luke."I doubted you again and of course you were right, your always right" replied Kyle.

Qual went back to his room.He then shut the droid off since the master was dead.Qual was now the master of the academy and was responsible for all the sith students.

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