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New comics on the way?

Take a look at this post over at Adventure Gamers' forums... Or don't bother, I'll quote it:

Hey guys. At Comic-Con today, I asked Mike Mignola (the Hellboy guy) about Steve Purcell. Mignola said he had dinner with Purcell last night and that he's planning to publish a Sam and Max book, sort of a "best of" compilation which reprints a bunch of old strips and (more importantly) contains new material. Mignola doesn't know what publisher he's going through (which means it's probably not Dark Horse as previously rumored; since Mignola is signed to Dark Horse, he'd probably know if that was the case). Anyway, exciting news all around.
So that's pretty cool. Hopefully I can get confirmation on this and some more info. If so I'll be posting news about it soon.

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