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Re: Talking to NPCs

Originally posted by norville
My copy of JK-Dark Forces is without an instruction manual.
That's too bad, the manual, while small, is not bad. BTW - this is the (1995) Dark Forces forum, you are referring to Jedi Knight, which is Dark Forces 2, and has its' own forum.

Originally posted by norville
I noticed there is an in-game 'talk' option in single player mode. Am I able to talk to NPCs? I've had zero success thus far.
If the NPC is non-hostile, you talk to them by 'using' them, which is not really useful. Otherwise the 'T' for Talk is really a MP-type talk just carried into SP.

Originally posted by norville
Also, my copy of JK came with 2 discs but I haven't had to use the 2nd. What purpose does it serve?
Once you hit a certain level - 9 or so I believe - you will play off of the 2nd disk.

Good luck - you are embarking on one of the best FPS games ever.


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