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Ulna Shardes: Surface

*Around the blades the skies grew darker as their shadows that were casted on the scorched soil faded, thunder can be heard in the distence.*


Ulna Shardes: Command Complex

*The demons prepare to leave, while in the control room Talon sits down in a chair in the centre.

Suddenly an alarn that buzzed twice in the control room, and a computerised voice speaks on the loud speaker in the room.*

Voice "Warning! Warning! Atmospheric event! Dangerious chemical levels detected! Warning! Global Humidity Level reaching peak! Warning! Gobal Torrential Rainfall immanent!"

*Talon gets a grim look about his face.*

Operations officer "My lord, no worries, this was bound to happen. This facility is well equiped to withstand a flood of that chemical. I've already recalled all the workers and equipment back, and once the waters have receded. We'll should receive more workers to filter the water."

Talon "Of course that will take years to ackomplish..."

Op officer "Um, yes of course my lord. Is there a problem?"

Talon "No, but I could recall someone claiming that this planet's complete terraforming would have been completed in record time. No doubt that terraforming does take years to do, and looking at the mere current position of such, we've only begun."

Op officer "Of course my lord, but I'm sure you knew this already."

Talon "Forget it, send out the units, they should be able to naturaly ward off the acidicness in the rain water."


Portal room

*A group of twelve demons in ruined combat gear, a sort of SWAT tactical gear over platemail around the torso, reenforced with ringmail at the joints. Heavy, but flexible. A demon's increased strength over a typical human would have no problem with this armour.

For the individuals in the group there were meny big and tall, the smaller ones carried the e11's while the taller carried a blaster as a sidearm a large disupter weapon each.*

*In walked in a demon with features one would call perplexing...
He like Talon, had a set of wings, but he also bore a large loin's mane, and a rattle-snake tail coiled aroudn his waist. No one heard of his entry until he shook his tail.

All in the room stood at attention at the mere sound.

This new demon equiped himself with his own special gear. His armour held a more stronger power to protecting him then the others. He also wielded a single blaster, but kept a long sword with it own powers with him at all times..*

((Chimera from crisis))

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