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*Guy opens his mouth, closes it, then opens it again. He looks taken aback. The stars begin to slowly sink towards the ground*

Guy: We need to leave, right now.

*His hand goes to his wrist, but there is nothing there. He turns and heads quickly towards the Asgardried*

Guy: Quickly, into the ship!

*A shriek pierces the air, and a line of red light stabs in front of Guy, who stops dead. It just misses him. A disembodied voice, that of a woman, speaks*

Voice: *hatefully* Blood traitor! You shall not---You shall not take another step!

*Yards from Guy, a woman appears out of thin air. She looks remarkably like Guy, with the same blonde hair, gray eyes, and tall, thin build. She wears gray, with a white cloak wrapped half around herself. She holds a long rod that came to a point at the top. She held the point directed at Guy.

The two stare at each other for a moment. An expression of intense hate twists her features. For his part, Guy looks shocked.

Another moment, and two other figures appear. One was short, wearing black, apparently male. He looked lizardlike and has large pale slitted eyes, and carried a gun with a tip that looked like it could have doubled as a hose nozzle.

The other was large and completely covered in gray armor, tall as Guy but much wider. His gray hemet had glowing white eyeslits. He carried a vicious-looking implement that resembled a halberd. He spoke*

Gray-Armored Man: Eudoxia! You were told not to---

*The lizard creature interrupts* Never mind that, Trern. We mustn't let them escape now.

*He raises the gun*

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