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Unla Shardes: Command Complex

*Talon sits in his chair leaning on his arm.*

Talon "Call it."

*the Ops officer nods and goes to a comms*

Ops Off "Ops to port room. You have a go on Hunt-and-detain."


Unla Shardes: Portal room

*Chimera nods, then holds up his index finger and spins it in a circle. The telepathic demons in the room nod, and they lower their heads.

A loud electric buzz fills the air*

Chimera *yelling over the sound* "Alright, we need 5 portals three per, mine and Kowalski's team will surround, detain, and return! Carter, Romeo and Harrelson, enter, detain all and capture the craft! Sanchez, Deveraux, you're with me!"

*Five perfectly flat and prefectly round circles form in a sort of a portion of a circle.

((mmmm circles))

The demons split into groups of three, and walk through their own portal. immeadately after they walk through they portals shut close behind them.*


Ulna Shardes Surface

*Two portals on opposite sides of Blades near the 'Tent', with terrain as cover, open and the six exit. They walk a few steps and the leader kneels with his fist up, signaling to stop.*


*The same occurence around the blade's ship, as well as terrain as cover, and like before, the demons exit and stop keeping themselves consealed.*

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