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Ulna Shardes Surface

*Outside the tent, Shane, Ida, Raschel, another gargoyle, an elf and an orc - the Blade entourage that Rwos had met on Agamar- gather with Nereli, each with their own differently-colored bubble sheen. Only Orion was missing.

Morde and a couple other Blades remove the black tent, revealing a pit in the ground. Rwos looks over the edge.

Twenty feet below, the tip of a building appears, with a hatch large enough for one person on top*

Rwos: A back door?

*The other Blades walk to the edge of the pit and dropped in. The gargoyle used her wings to slow her fall. The others fell, but too slowly, using a spell obviously.

Rwos and Gilian follow*


Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

*Lily Aren was on at least her twentieth blue ale, and yet seemed hardly tipsy. Farran and Artemis, being ignored for the moment, had taken to staring at her in awe, wondering how many more she could drink before collapsing.

She had set up office in an underground room of the cantina. Apparently a whole floor or two had been added when the cantina had been rebuilt.

She was ordering another drink on her comm when suddenly the three of them were not alone in the room*

Aren: Sejhan? Don't you ever knock?

*She did not seem at all perturbed at the fact that a scarred-faced, robed figure had appeared out of thin air between them. On the other hand, the humanoid looked fairly disgruntled. He turned and looked over Farran and Artemis*

Sejhan: *in a sarcastic voice* I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?

Aren: No, not really. They're guests. Farran, Artemis, meet Sejhan. Sejhan, Farran and Artemis.

Sejhan: So where is my Jotun?

Aren: *sipping her drink* You shouldn't throw around a word like that. It's bad karma. Prophetically speaking, I mean.

Sejhan: Pardon my French, but I don't give a bupkuss about karma, lady. You've had plenty of time. I only have K'Warra for so long. You're not holding up your end of the bargain. Where is she and where do I go to get to her?

Aren: You above all people should know, Sejhan...*she sets down her drink* You can't interfere in this kind of thing until the time is just right. And that time is not now.

Sejhan: Will you Shadows ever stop worrying about your own necks? All you've got to do is point me in the right direction, and I'll take care of the rest. No muss, no fuss.

Aren: Yup. And we'll call you when we've got that direction for you.

*Sejhan storms out, passing through the door. He then pokes his head back in*

Sejhan: I'm warning you, if you get me screwed over here, you won't have to worry about what your superiors will do to you. Because---oh, forget it. I haven't got time for creative threats. Just---just don't. Or else.

*He disappears*


SSD Vigilance

*Admiral Jene Luthen watches Starr Hailfire's ship being tractored in on her viewscreen with a smile on her sallow face. She watches as Vanguard position themselves around the ship, waiting for the door to open. She could hardly resist a gloating chortle.

She turns to an officer*

Admiral Luthen: Put a call in to Supreme Chancellor Reletha Darkstar. Tell her I wish to speak to her. Tell her we have Sith Lord Starr Hailfire.

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