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*Reletha is asleep at her desk. She looks exhausted*

Comm: My Lady, Admiral Luthen on comm.

Reletha: Put her on.

Deac: What happened to you?

Syrnl: I sent Hilth into your world. You deserved the treatment far more than I did. I deserve to suffer for what I've done.

Deac: Maybe. How did you do here?

Syrnl: We took out the sith empire in about a year, mostly due to the death of their emperor. I was able to govern a short while before I fell ill. Now...Norl's project has kept me alive. I'm a cyborg now. And every day I become more of a machine as my cells gradually die. It's like a cancer, and for me the only cure is to become the tumor.

Deac: How long?

Syrnl: With all this? Months. Without? Minutes.

Deac: What are you planning on doing in that time?

Syrnl: My doctors have made me a power pack. I want to go back with you. I want to die on Atredis, under our sky.

*Deac is silent for a moment*

Deac: Atredis is in ruins. Lokpihet destroyed it.

*Syrnl snarls*

Syrnl: Child always was anger prone. How are they?

*Deac is silent again*

Deac: Both your sons are dead. I'm sorry. I tried to stop Lokpihet killing Orthos. I couldn't.

Syrnl: And Reletha?

Deac: Is leading the Empire these days.

Syrnl: All of which I'm responsible for.

*Syrnl disconnects from the alcove*

I'm coming with you. I'm coming to put right the galaxy. I'm going to do something good for once in my life...

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