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Ulna Shardes Surface

*The Blades remaining above-ground gather up their equipment and return to the black ship.

The ship's engines flare blue, and it lifts off.

((OOS: Either your back-of-the-ship group moves, Scar, or they get fried >.>))

The Blades in the pit enter the underground facility*


SSD Vigilance


*Starr watches the group Vanguard surrounding his ship. There seemed to be six in total. Very bad odds. This was Irvine's fault...

His comlink buzzes*

Speak of...

Irvine: *over comm* Starr, apologize about the delay, I had to deal with some Republican Jedi loyal to the Supreme Chancellor, I found out later that she is a ring leader in the former Separatists. *he paused for breath, and continued in a more disappointed tone* She managed to escape me.

*Starr picks up the comm*

Starr: *letting his anger show in his tone* Irvine. Where are you?


Officer: The Supreme Chancellor will speak with you, Admiral.

*Luthen smiles*

Luthen: Supreme Chancellor Darkstar, this is Admiral Luthen of the SSD Vigilance. We have captured the Sith Lord, Starr Hailfire. I await your orders.

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