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Ulna Shardes: Surface

*The three under the engine, notice the engine beginning to turn on, they hit the deck real quick, flattening themselves on the ground.

As for hte two other groups around the ship, they bolt to the cargo door but it manages to shut close before they can get there.*

Kowalsky *over comm to Chimera, softly* "Sir, no dice."


*Chimera signals his group to stop so he can speak.*

Chimera *over comm also soft* "Alright, report back, and provide back up in 5."

*Chimera signals his group to continue, they reach the hole. One of them gets on his knee a few feet from the hole, and with a mirror he checks the hole, the hatch open and no one in sight.

The two biggest guys pull out a set of long rope and holding onto one end wraped around them, and lightly touching the roof of the facility.

Two by two they drop down, leaving the biggest on the top.*



Irvine *Over comm, clearly noticing the tone in the voice.* "Um, Coruscant, you didn't attempt to come after me did you?"

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