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Ulna Shardes Surface

*The first demon to drop through the hatch is met by a flaming sword to his throat. Holding it is a man dressed in what looked like black leather, with silvery metal trimmings. The pale skin of his face was broken by two blade-shaped streaks - tatoos? - under his eyes, which were blank white. His eyebrows and hair seem to be made of pure fire. He looks rather unpleasant*

Blade: Give me a reason to let you live.

Nereli: *from behind him* Don't be so hasty, Shane. Give him a chance to explain.


SSD Vigilance Dock

Starr: You fool, I was led into a trap. I will allow you to explain your unauthorized actions later. In the meantime, obtain a ship and make your way to the coordinates I am sending you now with all possible speed. *He transmits Irvine the coordinates of Luthen's fleet*

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